Counseling Astrologer

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Danika offers a humanistic and psychologically-minded approach to the art of western astrology, helping her clients connect with the elemental energies that support their particular life path.  A focused and skillful astrological reading can provide invaluable insight into one’s true nature and soul calling.  Danika’s clients frequently describe a sense of empowerment and clarity following their initial session.

Your natal chart outlines the precise position of various celestial bodies at the moment of your birth.  The details of your chart will vary and evolve throughout the course of your life in response to ever-changing planetary influences.  These shifts, known as transits and progressions, guide and support your ongoing spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development.

Danika’s astrological practice is decidedly non-fatalistic, emphasizing individual agency and free will.  Her reading of your chart will reveal soul gifts, character and relationship tendencies, patterns of behavior, as well as areas of growth and possible challenges and pitfalls. It will not, however, dictate a certain course of action or attempt to predict your future.  Rather, it is a thoughtful offering of guidance and information that serves to illuminate and affirm your own unique truth.

Sessions are held over the phone or via Skype.