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restorative flow on The Spring Equinox

Friday, March 20th, 2015

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flow and restore at Euphoria Yoga

Wednesday 6-7:30pm
Woodstock, NY

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weekly restorative yoga class in Woodstock, NY

Friday’s at 11:30am
Euphoria yoga
99 Tinker Street, Woodstock NY

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restorative yoga retreat at Omega Institute

Rhinebeck, NY

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes,
and the grass grows by itself ~ Zen proverb

click on the image below for more on this retreat!

click here to register

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astrology musings

April 2013

As the light of day gains momentum on March 20th in fire-fueled aries, energy increases outward ~ life naturally feels more direct, vibrant, creative, spontaneous and expressive.

We crave inspiration. Our feelings and ideas are fresh, fertile, and ready to be born anew. Experiencing the bounty of our aliveness is an important factor in our life’s work and the fulfillment of our heart’s desire.

Springtime calls upon us to come out of our shell, allow ourselves to be seen, and make changes from a place of conscious action and present intention. The influence of fire (aries) activates the strength of our spirit to overcome obstacles for ourselves. It inspires us to let go of situations, perspectives, and holding patterns that get in the way of living life fully, attentively, joyfully. Now.

2013 continues to be a year of transformation. From deep within our bones.

We are asked to remain open to new ways of relating with others as well as ourselves.

It time to reveal our truth to the best of our ability in all our relationships, especially those most intimate, where it can often feel most challenging to be authentically ourselves. Honesty is essential here and so is trust. Trusting ourselves, trusting others, one breath, and one step, at a time. Saturn, the planet of structure and stability is currently in scorpio, the emotion fueled transformer, where it is navigating through the most tender areas of our being ~ unearthing our expressive voices, unleashing our creative impulses, and exposing vulnerabilities that we might prefer remain comfortably hidden. Saturn’s gift here is to actually firm up a more stable emotional ground! It is a time to work inwardly as well as outwardly, a time to “confront feelings” while being gentle with ourselves and others. It is a time to nurture our need to connect, heal, and share within partnerships who we are at our core.


Astrology is a system that enables us to understand, and encourages us to expand, within a universe that is full of meaning and rich with insight. It is an offering of wisdom born from our collective elemental and growth centered consciousness. Each and every one of us intuitively “knows”. Astrology simply supports, reminds, encourages, and most of all empowers us to move closer to our truth, as it unfolds! It is a gift, a guide, a tool, and a blessing.

A consultation inspires you to:

* align your work with your most empowered Self
* utilize the elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) that support your unique life path
* identify areas of challenge and growth
* transform limitation into an opportunity for discovery

Skype or phone sessions available. Email:

“happy heart” Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Dunedein, FL

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Winter Astrology Special

** March 1st 2012 **

Astrology literally means “science of the stars” from the greek word astrologia: astron (constellation; star) and logia (study of; ordering principle; utterance). Astrology’s purpose is to use the positions of the planets and stars in the sky to gather information on the individual and on humanity.



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check out this 20 minute Yoga Class (online)

In need of relaxation and only have a few moments? Check out this short restorative yoga video led by me and featuring dear friend and fellow yogi Jason Sosnowski.

No experience to yoga necessary, only a desire to reconnect with yourself. Practice the entire sequence regularly or one or two postures anytime you are in need.

Buy it and try it below for only 99 cents.

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